PAVO Diesel generator set solved the drainage plant problem

PAVO Diesel generator set solved the drainage plant problem

Two-thirds of the sewage treatment in Feixi County is in the Zhongpai Wastewater Treatment Plant, but the plant has only one mains electricity, causing long-term power outages during the rainy season. PAVO has designed a solution based on actual demand and power supply requirements. It has solved the problem of the drainage plant by using two sets of 300KW ultra-quiet diesel generator sets and one Shangchai series 500KW ultra-quiet diesel generator sets.


PAVO Shangchai series diesel generator sets use world-class equipment, and the global engine platform built according to SAIC MOTOR manufacturing standards is stable, safe and reliable. The electronically controlled high pressure common rail and electronic speed governing mechanical pump fuel system are optional, which not only has strong power but also saves fuel.


The ultra-quiet design meets the noise level requirements, and also has good rain and dustproof functions, and is also very convenient to maintain. It is also the best choice for many companies and organizations. The PAVO series of ultra-quiet generators is a cost-effective product that is more affordable than products of the same power.

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