Lear Corporation Limited leases Pavo diesel generator sets

Lear Corporation Limited leases Pavo diesel generator sets

Wuhu Lear Branch needs to lease diesel generator sets due to circuit maintenance. Founded in 1917, Lear Corporation Limited is one of the world’s top 500 companies and one of the world’s largest suppliers of automotive interior system components. Due to its rapid development, it has become one of the 16 fastest-growing companies in the United States in the past decade. Fortune magazine named it “America’s most popular company” in the auto parts industry.

Lear Corporation Limited originally purchased Pavo a 500 kW Yuchai diesel generator sets for backup. Now for the reasons for line maintenance and other reasons, Lear Corporation Limited continue to rent a 500kw Weichai diesel generator set. The two diesel generator set were used together and quickly solved the power problem.

Anhui PAVO Electric Technology Co., Ltd. has now introduced diesel generator set leasing to meet the needs of customers and the market. Whether it is a diesel generator set for backup or a diesel generator set that is urgently needed. Anhui PAVO can meet all your requirements.

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