At the Jeddah exhibition in Saudi Arabia, the client took a generator in full cash.

Spot trading at the Jeddah exhibition

In December 2019, our company was invited to attend the exhibition in Saudi Arabia. After more than half a month’s exhibition, our generator products are highly loved by foreign people. During the exhibition, many customers reached a cooperation consensus with our company. One of them paid full cash on site to buy the generator in the exhibition and signed a strategic cooperation intention contract. After the exhibition, we directly sent the generator to the customer.

   Our company has been engaged in the generator industry for 13 years. In recent years, our company has a good reputation in the domestic generator industry. In the past two years, we have started to develop foreign trade in generators, and the annual export volume has been greatly increased. At this Jeddah exhibition in Saudi Arabia, because of the excellent quality, beautiful design and reliable service of our generators, foreign customers like our products very much Our company uses the most favorable price to make the best products and the most reliable service

Spot trading at the Jeddah exhibition In the exhibition of Jeddah, our manager who participated in the exhibition guided the technical service of generator on the spot and went to the customer company to teach the technical parameters and technical maintenance of generator after the exhibition every day. Although our company saw many people’s demand for generator in foreign countries, our company still insisted on being conscientious and responsible for every customer until the end of the service Attitude.

We have many agents in foreign countries, we are still looking for agents to develop in foreign countries, willing to develop together with our company, willing to join our team, welcome people from all over the world to buy our products, welcome to join us.

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